FINALLY one of you had the “balls” (haha) to do IT. I have been waiting for someone to be a brave enough loser to do this very thing. And WHAT exactly is this THING? What is such a big deal I made a post about it?

PRINT OUT THEIR DIAPER LOSER ID and become an official card carrying diaper loser! Baby Molly is the 1st to do the deed. LOOK:

Baby Molly’s ID can be found in the LOSER GALLERY too of course. Go look!

Go follow Baby Molly on twitter too just because I do as well: @MollyInPampers.

And how JEALOUS are you that you didn’t think of this FIRST? I am guessing that Baby Molly was only the FIRST to do this but will not be the last. All you little losers will be DMing Me to show what you have done. And why shouldn’t you? Be proud of your Diaper Loser status. You are in the uncoolest club in town that is strangely led by the coolest person you know…

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