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A LOSER’S Perspective: Deep Pervy Thoughts on “INCONTINENCE Goals for the New Year” (18+ only)

INCONTINENCE Goals for the New Year

ABDL new year resolutions 18 plus only
New Year’s ABDL Resolutions

In this video, MIXTRIX is giving an aspiring Diaper LOSER a gift that he can take with him into the NEW YEAR. She has done all of the leg work and made it very easy on LOSER…..and LOSER LIKES EASY! This video is a GUIDE that LOSER can refer back to, lest he forget any of the GOALS MIXTRIX has laid out for him.

Every Diaper LOSER NEEDS GOALS. They so desperately would like to be able to WIN at something.  To be able to ACHIEVE something!

With the video now they can. And it starts TONIGHT!

ABDL diaper enslavement

TRAINING DAILY for their eventual, inevitable LIFE, in FULL-TIME DIAPERS for MIXTRIX!

It’s PERFECT………it’s EXACTLY how it should be….and this New Year, it’s EXACTLY how it WILL BE!

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