Um did you fuckers know there was an EXPOSURE CONTEST? That’s right. A fucking free to enter* contest to get an exposure post HERE on Diaper Losers! And we have a winner! All ya had to do was be a subscriber to the Diaper Losers Loyalfans in order to enter.

Beau Rufflebum WINS (or loses, depending on how ya wanna look at it) the Diaper Losers August exposure contest. And by the way, this is NOT a permanent post. It stays up til I erase it, whenever that might be. BUt until then, meet Beau:

“I’m a pathetic diaper loser and I want to enter the exposure contest. My name is Ken Johnson. I live in Massachusetts. I’m a pathetic diaper filling baby with a small peepee that doesn’t deserve to be stroked ever again. I hope to be blackmailed and ruined into a life of permanent diapers.”

Now OF COURSE you wanna see what it looks like, don’t you? Yeah, you do.

*well, KINDA free to enter. Free to enter IF you are a subscriber to the DL loyalfans that is. Wanna be considered for contests? Yeah you do! go subscribe HERE.

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