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The Ultimate Diaper Lover and Bedwetter Quiz

This online ABDL Diaper wearer and bedwetter quiz is for adults only! Imagine having the chance to tell all of your kinky secrets, daily habits, fave brands, embarrassing moments, turn-ons and MORE in a fun activity that is all about YOU. Oh, and about diapers of course. PLUS a whole section for the bedwetters, too.

the ultimate abdl diaper quiz

Let’s get something out of the way first. I KNOW you have filled out diaper quizzes online before and this is NOTHING like those. the Ultimate Diaper and Bedweetting Quiz is LONG. There is LOTS to fill out. Why? YOU have lots to say! And this is your chance to do it in detail, SAFELY. That’s right, you can be as anonymous as you want. Your answers will NOT be shared (unless you request it and give specific permission). This is so you can TELL all those deep dark secrets SAFELY. And the best part? They actually DO get read. I am reading every bit of what you say. Like I said, you get to SHARE all your info and secrets finally.

An in-depth questionnaire activity that gives YOU a chance to tell it all

Keep in mind MOST of the diaper quizzes you have played before give you a choice of a couple of selections for each answer. NOT on this quiz! The Ultimate Diaper Quiz is more like an in-depth questionnaire. There are questions where YOU type/fill in the answers. That way you don’t just pick from predetermined choices that might not fit. When I ask what your fave brand of diapers is, I leave a blank for you to type in your answer. That way you can be as specific as you want or even give multiple answers! MOST of the questions on this quiz will be like THAT, where you type your own answer. But not all, this is a really fun activity!

The Ultimate quiz is really in-depth BUT still “general” enough that ALL diaper lovers could enjoy it. So this one is NOT just for diaper losers-This is for diaper wearers in general. I don’t care if you are a diaper sissy, a regressed ABDL bb or just someone who loves wearing them for pleasure. This questionnaire is meant for ALL the diaper lovers to share their secrets and talk about their fave thing. DIAPERS.

Plus a section JUST for bedwetters

The section for bedwetters is also really fun. Ever if you are JUST a bedwetter and DON’T wear diapers, you will find this quiz very enjoyable nonetheless. So if you wet the bed this is your chance to tell me all your embarrassing stories and the lengths you go to in order to prevent it! You have NEVER had the chance for an activity like this before.

Tell all your diaper and bedwetting secrets safely!

I DO read all entries and tbh? It is a really great way to learn about all of you. I find it all interesting. This is a true ACTIVITY. Give yourself something to DO tonight. Have fun with this in depth questionnaire.


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