Love your Diaper? MARRY it! (And They DID)

I assigned the Diaper Losers a humiliating task. Well humiliating for THEM. Hilarious for ME, lol. These fuckers are already fucking “diaper pussy.” Diaper is not only their sex partner but a constant companion. In other words, a WIFE. Diapers are all they think about so they might as well make an honest diaper of them and ask their diaper to marry them.

Get My Diaper Wife, Diaper Life task audio!

I said I hoped to see proof (at least a pic). I wanted them to get down on one knee then ask the diaper to marry them. And if they had a ring? Even better. Additionally I said extra credit if they had a lil wedding too. However I did not expect what happened next. Not only did sissymichael (aka sissyela) do the task right the fuck away, sissy did THE BEST JOB EVER.

the engagement

sissymichael began in a cute outfit, getting down on one knee and asking those diapers to be her wife. sissy continued “we have been together for so long. you are a diaper and I am a loser.” I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THAT!

loser may now kiss the bride

Next the video (did I mention this was a WHOLE FUCKING VIDEO? lol) transitions to a wedding scene. The traditional wedding march plays as an AI voice (it HAS to be A.I.) performs the wedding ceremony. YES all the parts you would expect are in there, including the vow and kissing the bride. Naturally sissymichael is wearing wedding white for this scene.

Wait, a Honeymoon scene too?? OMG

However the video doesn’t stop there. NOOOO. Next up? A “honeymoon” scene. And what is a diaper loser honeymoon (diapermoon)? Why, it is sissy in a diaper, humping a bed strewn with rose petals. And on the back of the diaper is written-get this-JUST MARRIED. I was laughing the whole time. This video is so fucking ridiculous yet so fucking GOOD.

just married!

sissy paid so much attention to detail and the production quality is pretty fucking good for a humiliation task. The video transitions between multiple scenes. There are multiple outfit changes, music, AI wedding officiant, the “just married” and rose petals. This bitch went above and beyond. THIS IS HOW YOU GET A POST ON DIAPER LOSERS DOT COM! Good job, sissymichael-you are a true diaperloser.


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