OMG Mission Complete!

Wow! A task I assigned long ago was finally complete by someone! Pottypants Layla finally did the THING I assigned to all of you long ago.

Long ago I had dared/tasked the Diaper Losers crowd to make a “Diaper Losers Locket.” That’s right, one of those necklaces with the little pictures inside of it. What seemed like a fun and creative idea just never seemed to come to fruition. But suddenly out of nowhere Pottypants Layla showed up with PROOF of task completed. I am so damn pleased. Good, job, bitch!

The original pic of the Locket that PPL sent to Me
one more pic for scale

This last image is the “design concept” of what I originally envisioned. I think thre real one turrned out even before than my concept. What do YOU think?

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