Welcome to the GALLERY and WALL of Shame

ABDL Diaper and Bedwetter humiliation Wall of Shame and Gallery
Welcome to the Diaper Losers Wall of Shame and Pic Gallery
NO, you can’t have one!
xtra frilly and totally clitty
diapers plus gooning =seduced by ME
how long before this fucker is addicted to exposure? lol
pampers > pussy!!!
Pampers > Pussy
Now THIS is how you do a good sissy pic. Good job, slut!
how great is THIS pic, huh?
Ran across Diaper Quean’s OLD ID and thought id give it a light update
PLEASE SOMEBODY EMAIL OR CALL THIS WEIRDO. JFC he needs attention and he cannot afford Mine
Not a dry night in YEARS! Can YOU say that?
Double Diapered always (if not MORE layers)
Princess Peepants ABDL on Facebook! Go Look!
This person isn’t a weirdo at all, no, not at all…
winner of “best email” when asking for ID
haha, a BEDWETTER. that 4inch peenlet wets the bed so damn much to this day
awwwww pwetty outfit huh
I really love the way this one turned out. Also…BEDWETTER! lol
said “I love diapers more than self respect” and I can fucking guarantee you will hear me use this line in an audio sooner or later. Does it apply to YOU too?
yet another peepeeboy falls prey to diaperloserdom
New ID for this bitch! Someone got all brave and decided to show their face! The old ID is below. Scroll and find it!
“I used to wear nappies to school and posted about it online, I got exposed and everyone called me ‘nappy boy’ “
DiaperdFurryDork has submitted the most pussy ass ID pic in a long time. BOOOOO!
find this one on twitter at @diapersissy19
Think this bitch will ever show its face? BETS being taken!
Go find it on twitter: @Peepan1Princess
terrified of wetting the bed = diapers FOREVER
The diapered cuckquean formerly known as KinkyLittleStonerGirl (see old card below). The shame of the OLD card must stay. Once you have been tagged as a diaper loser the STAIN and STINK always stay…

Click on a Pic to Enlarge it, Puddles

Oh look, a virgin! No surprise there. LOTS of virgins in diaper loser land
“My family and coworkers know my kink” WOW
its twitter is @diaperdanny14
identification ID badge for diaper losers who love abdl humiliation
Sissy Beau Rufflebum is the worst/best name ever lol
loser virgin in diapers receives its own ABDL id card and badge. it can proudly show off its diaper loser status when asked. which will never happen of course.
Virgin Jake the virgin joke.
Sissyela has the loser trifecta!
toiletboi eros ID for diaper losers
pampers princess diaper losers dot com badge
sissy ID and badge for a sissy diaper loser named sissy jamie. all made by Mixtrix for the site Diaper Losers dot com