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Oh LOOKY, a Diaper LOSER!

Diaper Losers come in all pervy shapes and sizes but they all have pretty much ONE thing in common…they LOVE when I humiliate them. Nothing can give you a boner like a pretty girl laughing at you in your diaper does. Except maybe when she lets you know how DUMB you look. Or when she uses it as “ammo” to get what she wants.

dirty humiliating diaper ABDL
only losers do stuff like this…

Actually it is pretty easy to give you a boner. I just put you in a diaper and put you into a horny shame spiral. Then I use it to get you to do anything I want.. Be ready to OBEY. Consider this your loser pep talk for the day. you’re welcome, I exist.

you must wear diapers every day all day ABDL diaper rules
Mandatory 24/7 diapers for MIXTRIX!

Don’t forget to get your own Diaper Loser Badge! YOUR CHOICE of PIC with your scene/slave name and info! see yourself blasted here on a wall of shame!

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