weak men become enslaved in diapers

there is NO ESCAPE from a life in diapers (18+ only)

There is NO ESCAPE from a life in diapers. You ARE my diaper slave now. I am going to use every trick I have to make sure you never escape from the life I am making for you. A diapered life. Getting in your head is KEY to making what I want into a reality. Welcome to Diaper Domination via MIND CONTROL.

getting in your head thru seduction then ENSLAVING you in diapers

My sexy movements get your attention and my commanding tone lets you know I will accept nothing else. YOU are my diaper slave. Use that diaper every day. RELAX and RELEASE.

there is NO ESCAPE from diaper slavery

 I AM able to use my sexy nature and demanding ways alongside my creative mind to get what I want from you: YOU. IN. DIAPERS. ALWAYS. Wearing the diapers is of course a physical thing but I know the REAL place you need to be PUSHED is your mind. The diaper goes on your body once I am able to convince your mind it is the correct action. This is why I so often focus on reprogramming aspects of diaper play.

At a distance I need you to put that diaper on for ME. And you will. I have programmed you to do so. I am reprogramming your brain to accept a life in the bondage of diapers. A life as MY diapered slave.

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way to go, loser

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