diaper losers is a site for diaper humiliation and training

Why Diaper Losers NEED Humiliation

ABDL diaper kink for humiliation lovers means being a humiliated diaper bitch
who is the next big diaper loser for MIXTRIX?

To wear a diaper for incontinence kink requires an ego breaking amount of humiliation sometimes. WHY? because your normal human ego gets in the way of “unusual” or niche kinks that society at large doesn’t understand. You might overthink whether this is “wrong” and so on. This is your ego. You have pride that says this is wrong. This is where humiliation comes in.

diaper losers must life a humiliating life of diapers forever
Adult Diaper Humiliation is so sexy when MIXTRIX dishes it out

Humiliation-especially verbal– helps BREAK that ego so you can move forward in your new reprogrammed life as my diaper dork. You can enjoy that sexy feeling of shame that feels so wrong and so right all at once. I am here to help PUSH you through humiliative diaper kink. I train you bozos. You’re welcome, I exist.

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