train to be a loser in diapers for MIxtrix, the queen of diaper humiliation

Mixtrix made me an incontinent diapered slave.

You wake up one morning, and realize that you are INCONTINENT now, and it’s not a DREAM!

You’re in DIAPERS……ADULT DIAPERS……because you NEED them. MIXTRIX’s PROGRAM has been working EXACTLY as it was INTENDED to WORK!

You are a Diaper LOSER for MIXTRIX ….and there is nothing you can do about it!

From now on, you just won’t FEEL RIGHT unless you are WEARING your SPECIAL ABSORBENT UNDERWEAR!


what part of diapers for Mistress MIxtrix did you not understand?

COMING SOON, DIAPER LOSER and BEDWETTER Registry! Show off your loserhood or just be part of the PP BOYZ for MIxtrix gang!

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