DiaperLosers ABDL brand now has a whole loyalfans OMG

OMG a Diaper Losers LoyalFans! FOR REAL

That’s right! I made a DIAPER LOSERS LoyalFans account! You can follow for FREE or subscribe to get all the content I am posting there.


What kind of stuff is on the DiaperLosers Loyalfan account? The plan is some videos and LOTS of audios. Expect daily content including lots of DL audios. The audios range from Diaper Encouragement to Mindfucks to Humiliation to Mesmerize and Programming. You know, the stuff you LOVE and have come to expect from Diaper Losers and Mixtrix Femdom and Fetish World.

Will there be PPV message posts (meaning pay to view or pay to open)? There currently are NO PPV’s on the Diaper Losers Loyalfans. If you pay to subscribe you get to see everything. I may in the future use PPV’s for SPECIAL content OR for individual back and forth messaging that is personalized such as diaper ratings and so on. But as of the writing of this post there are NONE and I have no plans to make any. In other words if you subscribe then you get to see ALL of the stuff I have posted thus far. You are also allowed to message me there and show pics etc.

Did I say “diaper ratings?” YES….

Why not do all this on On/ly/Fa/ns? Simple. They don’t allow OUR type of fun, AT ALL. plus they kinda suck in comparison. They don’t even allow the word diaper OR any type of ABDL content so screw them.

BE SURE to follow DL on twitter for all kinds of updates and more! We are @diaperlosers on twitter AND on the loyalfans app. If you prefer to view LoyalFans via browser simply use this link to go straight to us: CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE DIAPER LOSERS LOYALFANS ACCOUNT.

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