ABDL cute show. 18+ only

OMG FUN! Cute Show JUST for the ABDL Crowd

WARNING: ADULTS 18+ ONLY. This video and post are DEFINITELY for Adults ONLY!

The One and ONLY cute fun show JUST for ABDL-ers just dropped a new episode. Indeed The Funtime Show Episode 3 has finally been released in my clipstores! I know, I know, anytime YOU hear the word “dropped” or “released” all you can think about is using your diaper. Lucky for you this new video DEFINITELY encourages THAT.

The Letter of the Day is the Letter “C.” Can YOU think of anything that starts with the Letter C? CUMMIES. And yes, in THIS episode you are going to learn all about going #1 and #2 in your diaper. Do it while you watch the Funtime Show. And if you DO then you get to go NUMBER THREE. That’s right, time for CUMMIES. IF you went tinkle and boo-boo that is.

Go tinkle and boo-boo while you watch

Don’t let the cute fun and cartoonish graphics fool ya, this show is DEFINITELY Adults Only. You MUST be 18+ to view THIS show. I do suggest you wear your diaper for viewing it. AND need to go. It is not exactly required but it definitely enhances the experience. There is really NOTHING else out there like this show. If you are not familiar with it already then read on a little further, little one.

What if there was a show that had the same VIBE as the things you watched when you were ORIGINALLY in diapers way back when? The kind of show made jUST for the ABDL crowd that FEELS like those shows we used to watch but has “adult” fun built in (while keeping the VIBE). Something your sitter or nanny could plop you down in front of the TV to watch while they were busy doing other things. WELL THIS IS IT. I made this show JUST for you, little ones.

C is for Cummies

AVAILABLE IN CLIPSTORES NOW! Go straight to my LOYALFANS STORE or CLIPS4SALE or IWANTCLIPS or MANYVIDS and purchase the video for yourself!

This is not a “humiliation” video, nothing like that AT ALL. I would consider it more of a Diaper Fetish or Regression or Encouragement. No matter the category it is DEFINITELY a vibe.

Still want to read more? Of course you do! The whole thing is too cool and you just can’t get enough:

The Funtime Show is all about LEARNING

“Welcome to the Funtime Show! Today the show is brought to you by the letter C. Can YOU think of any words that start with the letter C? Are you wearing a diaper today? Good job, little one! Today we are learning about ABC and 123. I’m glad you wore your diaper because you are going to USE it for Me! You are going to go #1 and #2 and #3 in it today! And learn diaper ABC too! You should always go in order. First we start with #1. Can you do it for Me? Keep trying, little one. I am so proud of you. Now #2. It goes with the letter B for booboo! Keep trying. Very Good. Did you go 1 AND 2 for Me? Yayyyy! Clap with Me! Now you get to go number three! Rub yourself. C is for cummies! And wow, C is our letter of the day isn’t it? Yayyyy. Rub and go cummies! And now we sing the song that goes with it. “Cummies in my diaper…” Sing along with Me! I am so proud of you! Did you have fun today, little one? Me too!”

What TV show will step-mommy or sitter have you watch when she plops you down in front of the TV? Why the Funtime Show of course! Made just for you.(and yes it is 18+ ONLY but made to look like ur fave super-bright show full of fun and learning. except this show is really 18 plus has you go #3 and touch yourself for cummies etc…).The Funtime Show is the fave show for the little crowd! Full of cute graphics and music. It FEELS like it is for the little ones BUT is definitely 18 plus! This episode is great to watch when you need to go! Great to watch even if you DON’t! This is the best episode yet.

Pretty cool, huh? YES IT IS. Here are some handy links! These take you directly to the video for purchase.

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