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A Mommy Approved Show for ABDL’s and Littles

What if there was a SPECIAL show just for Adult Babies and Littles? What if there was Diaper-Mommy approved programming that she could plop her little one in front of when she needs a break? What if next time you were diapered and in your playpen you had some type of show that was JUST for you? That was for ADULTS ONLY (18+) but made to feel like the stuff you watched way back when? NOW THERE IS.

Become unpottytrained

The Funtime Show is the fave show for the diaper wearing adult babies and littles crowd! Full of cute graphics and music. Cartoony style and sound effects. But make no mistake this show is 18+ ONLY.

The Funtime Show for AB's and littles
The Funtime Show with Miss Mixtrix is also available in a smaller file size to save you space in your precioius kinky hard drive.

This episode of The Funtime Show is sponsored by the Letter P. And diaper wearing is MANDATORY for viewers. The lesson of the day is going in your diaper on command. So you will be encouraged to push it out or release as you watch. And if you DO? You get a reward!

Can you think of what the Letter P stands for?

What do you think the “reward” is for going in your diaper on command? TOUCHING YOURSELF! You will be learning to count to ten and also singing a lil short song with Miss Mixtrix. Cute moments abound but remember this was made for YOU, the AB and little scenesters.

The Miss Mixtrix Funtime Show is full of learning and fun

“Are you wearing a diaper? Good! Today the show is hosted by the letter P. can you go in your diaper for Me? let’s try number 2. Now try to go number one. that’s it, good job. Wow, im so proud of you for trying! let’s learn to count to ten. You get one more chance to try to go number 2. your step-mommy wants you to learn to go when she tells you to go, that is why we do this. Ready to sing a song? You can touch yourself now if you went in your diaper. You are becoming unpottytrained. Very good.”

Sing along with Miss Mixtrix. Diapers keep you safe and warm
Sing along with Miss Mixtrix

Keep in mind this particular video/clip is NOT in the diaper humiliation category. I created this for Diaper Fetish or ABDL or Age Regression fans.

The letter P. yay.
Sponsored by the Letter P

You can find The Funtime Show with Miss Mixtrix at the following sites. In my Clips4Sale store, in my iwantclips studio store and of course in my ManyVids store.

Wanna see a great preview of the INTRO to this episode of The Funtime Show with Miss Mixtrix? Of COURSE you do. Here you go:

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