diaper sissy humiliation and training

Your Role is Diaper Sissy

Being a crossdressing sissy slut was always your destiny. You must be molded into a weak, pathetic and humiliated bitch. The next stage of this training is diapers. There are so many reasons a sissy slut like you must be in a diaper at all times. Wearing diapers reminds you of your place as a pathetic feminized slut. The diaper also keeps you in line sexually. Your only role moving forward is as a slut on its knees with mouth open, ready to take dicks. The diaper will make you feel extra submissive. But THE most important part is that the diaper helps to further erase your manhood. Not that you were ever really much of a man anyways. But any last traces of so-called manhood MUST be erased. The diaper helps take care of that. YOU are a sissy in diapers now. SAY IT. say you will wear diapers for Me. very good, you had no other option.

You want this audio. Sissy humiliation meets diaper humiliation. Encouraged bi meets sissy mental conditioning meets diaper training. You require this audio, slut. Get rid of those last traces of manhood with DIAPERS. It is the only way

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