Submitted to Me by a Diaper Loser we will just call “StinkyBum, ” the shame schematic is a way to use your bedclothing to fashion a makeshift diaper for yourself.

I mean, c’mon, you KNOW you are always obsessing over diapers, how they look, how they feel, USING them and all kinds of thoughts and planning. Well, here is a way to make yourself a GREAT BIG diaper type “garment” out of your bedclothes.

Bedwetters love this idea!

Hell if you are a BEDWETTER then your sheets are already your diaper in a sense, aren’t they? For the REST of you this is maybe just a fun lil activity. Don’t you just LOVE fun lil nasty activities that revolve around your bathroom functions? Of COURSE you do! So thanks to ME I am sharing stinkybum’s lil schematic with the rest of you. Use this to make your own big padded diaper thingy.

Fun activity time!

This is the PERFECT way to say fuck you to society AND have a funsy at the same time. BONUS POINTS if you USE IT. And yeah, you know EXACTLY what I mean by use it. You were probably already planning on it.

Which of you nasty fuckers will ruin your pillow this way? lol. I bet a BUNCH of you do this.

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