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Can’t Keep your Hand Off your Dick? Put on a Diaper!

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Stop masturbating so much by wearing diapers. You have always kind of had a problem-you cannot keep your hand off your dick. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are touching it! And of COURSE you masturbate all the time too. I have a solution for this little problem though…DIAPERS. That’s right. I am going to change your sexuality into DIAPER SEXUALITY and this is just part of it.

playing with your mind is so easy…

Let’s be honest, I do you SUCH a big favor by putting you in diapers. My goal is to keep your hand off your dumb dick! Oh, and to rewire you towards what I call DIAPER SEXUALITY.

I have LOADS to say on this subject, LOL.

So to some degree I am keeping you from embarrassing yourself. We both know you are so accustomed to touching your fail excuse for a cock that you sometimes find your hand there AND YOU DID NOT EVEN REALIZE IT! This means you are closer than you think to rubbing yourself-if even for a brief moment- in front of the WRONG people.

I am doing you a FAVOR here

I am stopping you from this potentially humiliating scenario by putting you into an actually humiliating scenario! LOL. But this is the price you pay for sexual failure. There is an equation for it. Frequent masturbator times loser equals diapers. Just kidding, I made that up. But still works in your case, haha.

there IS mental domination in diaper kink, y’know…

Although this whole concept IS humiliating, I think of it more as manipulation. I consider it to be more about mentally manipulating you with my perverse logic. I get in your head and put you in a diaper-but that is always my goal and M.O. as we all know. You are just fitting right into my agenda.

can't stop masturbating? put on a diaper!
Can’t stop touching yourself? Start wearing diapers! Get this video to hear Me talk ALL ABOUT IT

Wanna hear me SAY all this stuff and go further in depth on this? Go get the VIDEO. I put links to it and MORE everywhere in this article already but here is another: GET IT IN MY IWANTCLIPS STORE.

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