diapers are the ultimate life hack

Diapers are the Ultimate Life Hack

Diapers are really the ultimate life hack-they FREE you from having to worry about so many ADULT things. So many day to day annoyances are obliviated simply by wearing diapers. So I like to do you the favor of MAKING you wear them for Me.

You might never have worn diapers unless I MADE you. Since I know best it is best to obey and wear them willingly. It is going to solve your LIFE. And please ME, of course. Just consider all the questions I have just answered for you by having you wear diapers.

I am solving your life for you by making you wear diapers.

“Will I have to pull over and find a bathroom?” is not something you have to worry about now that you’re in diapers. “Damn, I have to go NOW, can’t wait for a commercial break” no longer happens when you watch your fave programs. You can go anytime you want because you are wearing a diaper. “Where is the nearest toilet?” no longer matters because you WEAR one now. For ME. Obedience pays off.

It feels so GOOD to be able to forget about adult life for a while and diapers give you that FEELING…

See what a good thing I have DONE for you by making you wear diapers. I have solved so many problems you just accepted as forever things. They are now in the past simply because you obeyed and wore diapers. This is why you must always obey Me. I know what is best for you. And like I said, diapers ARE the ultimate life hack, they let you FOCUS on LIFE.

-Goddess Mixtrix

ps: I am not allowed to post diaper content on certain sites, including AVNstars, but you should still follow Me there anyway. That’s an order.

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