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I have had so many great pics sent in for Diaper Losers as of late that I decided to make a post showcasing some of my faves. YES, I know there’s a gallery but so the fuck what? You know these attention whores love it and YOU are jealous AF if you are not on here…YET. Oh these fuckers were all smart enough to send some money my way in some form or fashion. So don’t even THINK about getting yourself on a page like this unless you are willing to go as far as THEY did. they earned this loserhood lolol.

diapered scott for diaper losers dot com
diapered scott is obsessed with this site
super soaker 4 mixtrix picture of a humiliated diaper bitch
Get MINDFUCKED into Super Soaking!
pampers loser knows diaper losers is the home of diaper humiliation
pampers loser is going to get a fast food job to earn extra money for his MIXTRIX habit. you’re next!
diaper losers sot com is where he goes for his humiliation and degradation
walking toilet

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