diaper sissy gets attention online

Oh Look, a Diaper Sissy!

When Diaper Sissy Dee wrote to get their Diaper Loser ID they had purchased, they sent in a fair amount of good pics as well as great info to put on the ID itself. If you have one of these ID’s then you already know I need pics to choose from and info to select from as well.

But they also kissed my ass real good in the email and I liked that a lot cuz my ego is MASSIVE as you can imagine.

See for yourself a lil of the asskissing:

Diaper Sissy Dee kisses my ass via email

But you know what ELSE was cool? DSD included a PROOF of PURCHASE for the Diaper Loser ID without me having to ask for it. Not enough of you fuckers pay attention to that lil detail. So I surprised the lil bitch with a collage of those great pics they sent in. Enjoy the collage.

somebody’s a lil loser!

YOU’RE JEALOUS this lil bitch got some of my attention, aren’t you? I know you are. You can always try BUYING some of my attention though. But no guarantees. you losers are NEEDY AF.

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