OMG Double Domme Diaper Humiliation Mindfuckery

More mesmerizing mindfuckery made to shame you into permanent loserhood! Though let’s get real-if you are already here reading THIS? It is already too late. You are already in a diaper and the shame and stink of loserhood will STAY with you for a lifetime-or at least til your next dipey change.

But since getting in your head is ALWAYS a goal I have teamed up with a special guest! Goddess Aspen Aires and ME, Mixtrix are making sure you have it branded in your brain forever: YOU ARE A DIAPER LOSER:

Find Goddess Aspen Aires at

Ring Ring Fucker. This is the Diaper Loser Hotline and this is the ONLY message you need to get through your day! Wanna see a short preview? OF COURSE YOU DO. Be careful, once you see this few seconds I KNOW you will need to see the rest. This is how obsessions like yours begin. Check it out:

press play on the lil video embedded in this tweet… you gotta see this.

Of course I edited this and it is AMAZING. Mind fucks and hypnotic style videos are my specialty. Im better at getting in heads via video than you are at stinking up a luvs. lol. And you are GREAT at that, aren’t you diaper loser?

ok so RUN and buy this at C4S or MV or KB or IWC. Go on, do it!

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